It all started in a very difficult year like 2020, but its roots go back much further, since the early years of the new millennium when the founders Antonella Di Mauro and Stefano Baldacci approach the world of fashion starting to create customized garments and specializing in production of historical clothing and, in this context, in 2005, they founded their first brand, Narsilion.

In a few years, with commitment and dedication, they gained the trust of the public, first Italian and then European, to have customers all over the world, always bringing the craftsmanship of Made in Italy, the quality of materials and customization as fundamental principles of the company. Years go by, but the idea of creating a brand dedicated to people still remains, where you can express a vision of fashion that brings individuality back to the center.

Eclectico A complex concept, but the image it transmits is unique and immediate.

Multiform, but not changeable, lively, but never superficial, we draw our knowledge and inspiration from various disciplines, synthesizing and harmonizing it in a new original design. We interpret fashion outside the concept of time and space, from the rules of the market, from proposing garments that pass quickly as ephemeral inconcrete whims. We welcome the beauty and art that our tradition has left us, we absorb the impulses that the world sends us, and not what fashion imposes, because the Image is a reflection of our needs.

We have chosen “the hat” as fulcrum of our brand, as an accessory that more than any other gives identity to the wearer, clearly defining their character and style. Each piece of clothing, each bag or accessory, as for hats, are produced in limited series or individually, according to the customer's requests. Small productions sometimes of only one piece per size, with different details, where everyone can recognize themselves and find what most represents them.

The name of our brand is representative of our work philosophy and the varied style of our production, which is not linked to a passing trend or to a homogenous category of individuals, but which wants to explore the possibilities of expressing one's personality through fashion. . The quality, the refinement, the Italian manufacturing, the often hand-made finishes, the possibility of creating something designed on the wearer, all this is Eclectico.

Why is our brand a parrot?

The question that everyone asks us...

When the work philosophy and the objective undertaken led us to choose the name of the brand, we immediately started the search to see if there was already something with this name on the market, but the first thing appeared it was a parrot! The discovery that the Ecletto was one of these wonderful birds amazed and enchanted us. The symbolic meaning behind this animal is manifold: it speaks to us of travel, transformation and versatility, of sun, fire and beauty, of the charm of being simply Eclectic

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