To determine your size you need to measure the circumference of your head. You will need a soft measuring tape and a mirror if you are alone.

Place the tape measure behind your neck and bring it forward on both sides, passing slightly higher than the ears to the center of the forehead. When you feel the meter snug, but not tight, read the circumference of your head and round the figure to the next higher unit (for example 58.5cm becomes 59). If you have long hair, or curly and very fluffy, take the measurement being careful to put it well and back under the meter before taking the measurements. Don't have a sartorial meter? No problem, take any ribbon or string and do the same operation then spread it on a line and check the measurement.

Remember that a hat that is too tight causes a headache! If, on the other hand, the hat is a bit wide, you can easily correct it by means of internal inserts or by slightly tightening the decorative band.

Our hats are all produced individually on customer request, but you can find our products ready for delivery on our website or in stores with standard sizes of which we report the comparison in cm to allow you to choose the right size. Eclectico size chart Head circumference in cm 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 Size XS S S M M L L XL XL If you want a different size from those of production you can contact us to request your customized hat. How to choose the material of the hat Our hats are all made of high quality European felts, each with different aesthetic and fit characteristics. Wool felt In pure merino wool, a soft, versatile, very resistant hat, suitable for all weather conditions. Its appearance is woolly, like its texture to the touch, worked in such a way as to enhance the quality of the wool used, for those who prefer a more "lived-in" look, without losing style. It is the cheapest felt to choose from.

Lapin felt Noble material, lighter than wool, delicate and soft to the touch, but with greater rigidity. Always refined, it dresses every type of style with ease, giving a touch of prestige to every outfit from sporty to elegant. In the “Superior” version, it increases weight and stiffness for some models that require specific characteristics in terms of shape and structure. Velour by Lapin A processing of lapin, which enhances the silky sheen and the softness of the fur. Light as air, delicate, but resistant, it contrasts its rigidity with the enveloping and dazzling aspect of its reflections. An accessory for those who want the ultimate in elegance or for those who love to amaze with strong contrasts. Suede by Lapin Like suede ...

It caresses the sight, soft and persuasive, changeable and timeless, considered the ultimate in masculine elegance. It can easily transform into a travel hat, resistant to all weather conditions, dresses the woman with a captivating and discreet charm, giving each outfit a touch of adventure. Beaver felt We work this felt only on order, it is rarely offered in unique pieces or limited editions.

It is “The Felt” par excellence: immortal, indestructible, with a consistent weight and a soft appearance. Perfect in every situation and for every kind of outfit, a felt for connoisseurs who make their hat an iconic accessory of their image. Straws, Ramie and vegetable fibers All our straws are 100% natural, such as Ramiè and all the vegetable fibers used. Each with its own aesthetic, these hats are ultra-light, fresh, finished with an internal flange of linen and cotton for maximum comfort even on the hottest days. The essential accessory to give style to your summer outfit.

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